Why People Keep Secrets/Lie

Why people keep secrets? and lie? This questions made me think for a while and I’ve come up with three possible answers.

First is that, we keep secrets because there are things in our life that we are certainly not proud of, so we try to keep it to ourselves. Are you in an illegal relationship? Do you steal money from your parents to buy a new gadget? Do you have a funny nickname when you were young? These are just some of the things you wouldn’t boast around your friends. And whenever you come across that topic, you shut your mouth up.

Second, most of us have dream roles we wanna portray but we couldn’t, because it isn’t the reality. Some things we wish happened in a way we want it to be but didn’t. Therefore, we create some play in our heads and act it out based on our frustrations. In an effort to feed our fantasy, we find ourselves creating a scene/story that is built out of lie. The worst part of it is when you can’t find a way out but to lie more to sustain what was started. I know someone who always love to beat somebody else’s story. I don’t know her intentions, maybe to feel herself good? Or just to say “Hey, i know better!” or “Hey, mine is better!”. That sometimes, you can already tell that its a make-up story. We even caught her lying with the inconsistent answers to our flashes of questions. Let me sight an example, we once talked about a certain food, not just an ordinary food, its an expensive one. We all shared our stories about our experience of it and there she goes “You better try the one in…blah blah blah…Theirs is the best.” It doesn’t happen once, twice, or thrice. It’s in every topic we talk about! She always have better things to say to what we have said. I think it’ll be nice if she’ll put it in an FYI manner, but it doesn’t sound that way.

Then lastly, we keep secrets because it avoid causing you pain and others as well. A friend once told me, keep things to yourself if you know it will only cause harm. That if i don’t have any nice things to say, i better seal my mouth. With this, you control yourself from being true, filtering your thoughts and words, which is not bad i guess. But it somehow diminishes your sincerity over a person. Not unless you find a better way to put it in words, if it has any, like saying Go to hell… πŸ™‚ I think I’ll make it “I wish you good life underground.” (soft tone, smile after) Better? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Given the above reasons, i guess all the people we care about deserve the truth, especially if it concerns them and as long as its not a selfish honesty. Remember, Pandora’s bound to open the box.

It’s always nice to tell the truth and to live with it. And it’s better to know the truth and be save from deeper hurt.



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