Vow to My Someone

A friend lend me her Ally McBeal complete series and convincingly force me to watch it as for her, I will definitely like it. Oh well, I guess she’s right. I’m now on its second season and I am so enjoying the story as well as the characters in crush. It’s kind of, well, so American. Her character is so remarkable, wit and innocent humor combined. Her personal thoughts and active imagination is so hilarious, a woman who worries too much, someone who’s not aware she just cracked a joke and won’t laugh at others punch line either, and a woman who always have guilt in whatever she do. All this summed up, they branded her as Julie Andrews.

After watching few episodes of season one, I suddenly had the interest of doing some lil research about this series. I found out that this was shown late 90s and lasted year 2002. Surprising pull out of major cast took place, which led to distortion of the story. The repackaged show did not catch on and was canceled partway through its initial run. While 13 episodes of Ally were created, only 10 of those 13 were actually broadcast.

I wonder what I do that time, why I wasn’t aware such sitcom exists. What am I watching then? And my siblings? Why I never heard them talk about Ally. It can be a good thing though, for I will not be able to enjoy the story since I was young then. Now is the right time for me to learn from the story and the legal arguments, so smart.  As someone who is also single, working and having fun, I am loving McBealism. And the Biscuit (John Cage), he’s a sage!

Anyway, my point is, after the long intro, actually I do have a lot of thing to say about Ally not to mention the other characters which I find so remarkable plus the unisex bathroom and the bar where they all hangout at the end of everyday and how the dancing baby serves as Allys conscience and the series itself is so wonderful I would rather control my typing and stop entertaining branches of thoughts and focus on the purpose of my blog *gasp* (btw, that’s how Ally talk whenever she’s on the spot and nervous, no period, J)…If Ally has a song for her future someone, Goodnight  My Someone by the Music Man, which goes:

♪♫True love can be whispered from heart to heart. When lovers are parted they say, but I must depend on a wish and a star ♫ As long as my heart doesn’t know who you are.

I have my,

Vow to My Someone

As I wait for my someone, I will enjoy every single day for I know I’ll be busy being happy once we met. On this day, I promise I will never lose hope that soon we will find each other. I will never get tired of reminding myself that it’s worth the wait for I know the love we will share is a once in a lifetime love. That in between the lines of grays, I will think of you and how long you’ve search for me too. That for every lonely moment, I know that “Someone” is thinking of me and will present himself in its most enchanted way. That no matter how trickery love is, I will find my way back to the intersection track we promise to meet. And if the world failed to conspire with us; you will always have my love.

Weird huh? I think i need therapy. LoL



2 thoughts on “Vow to My Someone

  1. oliveoink ay nagsasabing:

    i miss Ally and the Ally in Me…how about you?!

  2. anniedespabiladeras ay nagsasabing:

    i do! but i miss billy’s love for me more…haha…

    we only die once…

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