The Dirty Bit

  I listened to RX today and I can’t stop laughing listening to the entries submitted to answer the Top 10 things that your dirty bit will say. I wasn’t getting it after hearing two batches of entries. It’s the dirtiest topic I’ve ever heard in the morning. To the rushers who submitted their answers, to have your mind work that early, that’s something! I can sense (hear) the agony of the DJ’s with how they make their way out to make every entries sound wholesome and acceptable in MTRCB‘s censorship standard. Del even said it was easy on the listener’s part to just be naughty and send in their entries since they are not the one to broadcast it on air and be jailed in just one wrong use of word.

Then Gino mentioned suddenly, and I can’t remember exactly the topic they are in, says that his isn’t straight. The jockeys started laughing for the shocking revelation. He then started defending his confession, even bringing up studies blah blah blah. That every men’s “IT” has a designated direction. Like an eye, ear, breast or balls not having the same size. That his “IT” is a right-handed or how Chico describe it, komang. Some can be left, north and worst of all directions, south. Del said I want north! I wanted to tell her I think that’s what every girl want, north, forward, up up and away. Chico and Del didn’t stop bullying him and there’s a flood of naughty words where all I can do is close my eyes and smile. 

I e-mailed two of my friends who are also a morning rushers and ask them if they’re listening. Of course they are and we started talking about the entries we’ve heard. I ask my office mate (guy) what his “IT”s direction. He rejected the question and say he find it awkward talking to two women about it. Haha. He’s so young to be shy. But my convincing power made him speak, he said it’s the same as Gino. At the end of our conversation, as the program ends too, we were ask to answer it ourselves. I wonder what mine will say, if it could really talk and can talk back. I got two answers, and I’m pretty sure it could land the top 10, but im a silent rusher.

My e-mails goes

“Nice question…mmmmmmmmmm. I should not be saying this, with ron! Ahahaha…but I’l say it anyway…Mine would say: warm up na warm up na, ihain mo na ko…lol”

and the other one is

“Pen…is…pen…is… (dirty bit trying to describe what a pen is!) ahahaha..this would be a nice entry…”

I wouldn’t include my friends answer here since I respect their privacy. Super laugh out loud to the maximum lay-vel.



2 thoughts on “The Dirty Bit

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    dapat nakinig ka super lol

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