Celebrating Being FAB

They made me realize a few things after hearing their statements. Wendy all of a sudden blurted out “Never a dull moment.” during our lunch break. Melissa gave her goodbye message, she goes and said something that struck me, “It wasn’t easy getting in but it’s easier with FAB.” I thought, yeah right, it’s not easy to be part of this group but once you get in, everything is easy. *Then the tear gland split open* These all came from their hearts I know.

FAB in Baler

We’re not usually like that, Gwen, Rodel, Kate, Myk, and Me. And when this people came in and just suddenly make a statement like that, with how happy they are to be in the group, everything made sense. Everything starts to have meaning. Everything is clear. ‘Coz honestly, I don’t know exactly where I am at. All I wanted is somebody to keep me company. I’m oblivious that I’ll find something better than that.

I thought FAB is just a group name, simple as that. I even find it funny whenever they ask someone if they are FAB member and will frown if kid that he/she isn’t. I never thought people would make a big deal out of it. That people can appreciate this old fashioned let’s-have-a-group-name thing. That people will make some interest of getting in to such chaotic group (yes, coz we’re all consist of different species). The scope maybe little, but it’s getting bigger. Even my sisters are telling me, “ah, kayo yung FAB” and the other one, “Wow, may customized shirt kayo!” We are being recognized.

FAB in Vigan

On this month, we are celebrating our fifth year anniversary and I won’t let it pass without ME having my say. I may not be good in speech, but let me be heard in letters.
Looking back, I only want to work, work, work and save. Then I met them. Plans got ruined (cry and laugh at the same time). Now I’m seeing the brighter side of it! (in a convince yourself tone)

FAB in Sagada

One second, we are five,

FAB in Rizal

and another, we’re family. I don’t know exactly how it happened; the others came out like mushrooms.

FAB in Coron Palawan

Members come, members go, yet the numbers just keep on adding up. Everything, everyone is extended. It’s like you suddenly had a brother, sister, auntie, uncle, nanay, tatay, babies, boyfriend, girlfriend, and all. The foods, clothes, and even money. Whatever you have, it’s like you are oblige to share it with them.

FAB in Bicol

What is it with this people I am so hooked about? Then I thought, they complete me. Corny it may sound but that’s the simplest thing I could describe it. Having them made me feel like I have everything.

If I want a good heart laugh, I’ll sit with the gays.

Midnight Bottle with the Gays
(Zac not included! I hope not! lol)

If I want to fool around, there’s Kate.

Wanna grab some snacks and your alone? Call Kleng.

Need a sisterly advice, ate May is in the house. Wanna unload; Chaty is just a floor away.

If I wanna get nasty, call everyone!

2011 Christmas Party
Myurks, Kleng, ME, Mel and Patty

You’re up to a party and need a date, get Joel.

Want some silence around and just need a companion, there’s Mike.

ME and Mike

Missing your mom and you can’t still go home, Mommy Les!

Mommy Les and ME

Unwind, O of T where everyone is game.

FAB 5th Anniversary
(Morong Bataan)

All those words, if wasn’t said, will never get through me. Thank you FABsters!

FAB in Ilocos Norte

Just a trivia, I came out with the word Ohana after watching Lilo and Stitch. Lilo: “Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” This is so us. I texted Gwen and Kate and told them about it. There goes the revision of the FAB five to Fab O’hana…




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