First Aid


Let’s keep the heart beating…

Here we go again. I don’t usually share things about love but since I’m so much in a cloud nine and I don’t know how to release this, I’ll be sharing it to you Gwen…hahaha, yup, you, my only reader…lol

Funny I remember when we talked about being lonely. Sabi ni gwen, yung tipong nananaba, magisa sa bahay, walang lovelife, out of town ng out of town, pablog blog na lang…hahahaha…

“butterflies in my stomach”

Im not even sure when is the last time I felt butterflies, not from the rides of EK, but butterflies of love. This is sooooooooo corny im thinking to stop this crap wr…………………..

I shared this emotion to a friend and she said,

“Basta ang nakakapagpasaya sa tao, minsan enough na muna yun…. Kumbaga..first aid! LOL!!!!

I don’t want to elaborate the emotion but I know everyone do know what I am feeling right now. The beginning is the most beautiful part of love. Right now, I’m enjoying it again. The last time I had it, epic failed. Love at the wrong time. Loved the wrong person. I’m hoping this one is not. *Fingers crossed*

Sorry to cut it short, I’m not really comfortable with the topic.



2 thoughts on “First Aid

  1. oliveyeah ay nagsasabing:

    ladies and gentlemen who are waiting for annie’s new blog…as what she wrote here, mga walang lovelife, pa blog blog na lang…so, iguess, u know and it’s obvious that almost 2 months na..wala pang kasunod na blog….oh well…. bygones!

  2. anniedespabiladeras ay nagsasabing:

    hahaha..i’ve got so much now i dont know where and what to start…lol

    i’ll start with my TC1 i guess… 🙂

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