Run for My Life

I was in Boracay when I received an Instagram notification from Wednesday that they, she and her husband Kit, successfully registered me in Pinoy Fitness Run for Change.


We talked about it in passing, so I didn’t give it that much attention, thinking maybe its just one of those courtesy invites. So, they enrolled me without my confirmation, haha, into 5K run. So. I. Was. Surpised! I’m running!

Well, we’ve been working out, together, for more than a month now. While I started running July of this year. The couple invited me, to join them in their suprising run routine. Suprising not with the ‘how’ they jog, but because it’s a routine without specific schedule. They told me they just have to run thrice a week. Everyday I was like, ‘are we running?’ , ‘how ’bout tom?’, ‘so whens next?’ Until I/we get tired of it. So we decided to have this daily question fixed. We’ll train TWTh. Whether its just me and wendy, wendy or chris, or chris and me or worst…alone.
imageMy very first run with the couple

Like any other runners, we have the warm up exercise to pre-heat the body temperature and gradually increase the heart rate and cool down exercise to slowly get the body functions back to normal state.


Every run night, we increase the level of difficulty of our training. I don’t actually know why we’re doing that! Its as if we’re preparing for a competition. What I know is that everyday, we have to beat our individual record. To see the progress and how far we could push ourselves. And thinking about it, its just funny. I dont even consider myself a runner. Its just more of an activity i dont want to let go. Its fun!

Anyway, race day came. Me and Mike were late so we ended up going to the starting line without any warm up.


Like what i’ve said, we’re running for 5K. I’m with Wendy, her sister Tanya and ‘d bandit runner’ Mike.

“Bandit runner is someone who runs a race without paying an entry fee or wearing a number.”

We run in pair, me and Mike, Wendy to Tanya. Not that we planned it, it just goes like that. Then Aris and Kit for the 10K.

We finished our race within 38 minutes and
something. After getting our token, we took some pictures, then we headed at the side of the the finish line to wait for the others.

We were followed by Tanya.

Then together came Kit and Aris, who had an amazing time of 1:01:21.


Now here’s a funny story. Are you wondering where is Wendy too? I said to Mike ‘i bet she had that walk-in-the-park mode on again”. But its been more than an hour. Even if she crawl her way to the finish line , it wouldn’t be that long. I started to worry. Maybe she fainted or something bad happened.

image Waiting for Myurks

We waited for ages! Mr. Sunshine is all up, the “movers’ starting to take out the metal barriers, organizers now cleaning their booths, and im in panic!

Then a text came in.

Apparently, she lost her way and run with the 10Kers. She’s not supposed to, because in a normal race, there are trail signs – this way or that way (sorry for using a mountaineer terminology) but not in that race. They have ‘shouters’ using a megaphone telling if its left or right. Like turn right for 5K, left for 10K. But since the 30sh Wendy had her ipod up to its maximum volume, she missed the instructions! LOL.

image There she is!

I can’t help but laugh. We’re all teasing her. She’s cool about it though.

Let me share some of the pictures captured by the organizers.


Looking so serious right? No, im just running out of breath i cant pull some smile on my face.

As a reward, we treat ourselves to a nice breakfast. Of course, the most rewarding thing is, i met new friends!


I’m just glad that i have new buddies to drag in to my sporty world. Someone who i could just easily ask in a quick destress run, lil chat and a bottle of beer after.






One thought on “Run for My Life

  1. o2 ay nagsasabing:

    naks! proud of you….as always!!!!!

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