Meliorism 1 – Anawim

My first official outreach. I’ve done a lot actually, during my school days and also with AMCI, but these are all prerequisite. When i say official, i mean it as i voluntarilly join and made part of the preparation.

I hope I could do this monthly to update you of what I’ve been doing lately.  

You may wonder what keeps me busy I can’t find time to visit this blog. It started last February. I was invited by a friend to join her and her officemates to celebrate valentines with the lolo’s and lola’s at Anawim. She said it’s an orphanage for abandoned elderly. My schedule is clear and just in time that I am missing my lola who just passed away last January, I said yes, that I’d love to be part of it.


Comes February 10, we go to Anawim. I really don’t know what to expect (well I know but I really-don’t-know kind of thing), what to see (aside from the grannies) and what to do. It felt like I was dragged in a game show, picked from the audiences and I have to participate without even knowing what is happening. I just observe most of the time. Taking some pictures, looking what the others are doing. I don’t know any of them, only my friend Janine whom I can’t disturb at the time and ask for the ‘can you tell me what is happening?’ They have prepared a program for the thunders, sing and dance, some interviews et al…   Here are some of the pictures:  





There’s this one lola, that catches my attention. She keeps on saying thank you to Opah (one of the participants) in our visit.   “Maraming salamat sa inyo, sa pagdalaw. Mababait kayo. Maraming salamat, mga hija.”  

I smiled to myself though it gave my heart a strong squeeze. I wonder how it feels. Not knowing where your own family is. To just hope that some strangers will visit you.  To give you a portion of their time and blessings. Yet you cannot invest your emotions on them, because they’re just, strangers. How it feels not to have that solid source of dependence, trust, assurance of love and home. It scares me.  


As I look to their eyes (of course when they’re not looking which I normally do to anyone, even a stranger), I wonder what they are thinking. What they’ve gone to. Most of the lolos and lolas are abandoned by their families. I feel mad having that thought. Asking myself why and answering it myself. Reasons, whatever it is. I….just don’t get it.  


My own take on this, we should not, ever abandon our parents. They took care of us. We should do the same to them when they are old. However, to other cases like old maid, that I’m still pondering on.   

♥ always,


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