August 2, 2013

Good morning Friday! I am late again. So i decided to take the 9AM shift instead.

Early morning, i received a message from Patty telling me they bought us, she and Kets, something for breakfast, Krispy Kreme. Another good morning message from Julius asking hows my first day of August Rush which i replied with a MISS message ‘it went all fine’. Well, my pseudo name is no longer pseudo.


Jeam gave me 3in1 coffee to partner my super sweet donut and my morning is solved!

Then, comes lunch as i discussed stock market with Chynna, Sir Aris came and gave us a quick but full of ‘aaahhh’ SM lecture.


New learnings! I love it! This is my second encounter with my new boss and it relieves a lot of fear i have for him.

Nearing the end of my shift, i decided to have another shot for my birthday month. Me, Jeam and Kate went for a dinner at Shakeys. Well, we just ordered a deal for 5-6 persons!


Then we transferred from Shakeys to Trellis for a beer. This time,its just me and Jeam though Patty and Gwen is already at the location.

I had Vodka Sprite and call it a night. Im sleepy…



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