August 3, 2013

I woke up early but i got out of bed 2PM! Yeah, lazy Saturday it is. It’s raining hard outside and i dont want to do anything.

I cleaned the room, my bed and cabinet, my personal stuff and all. I check out my food supplies container and its kinda empty so i decided to had a quick run at the grocery mart.

Then after buying some food survival, i had my first meal of the day, Grilled bangus at Reyes BBQ. My stomach is still asking for more. I bought myself shawarma and buko milkshake.

When I arrived home, Ate Mitch, Janine, Jamice and Ate Dangs at the living room watching.I joined them as they eat their dinner while Im finishing my shawarma and buko juice. I waited for The Voice, the only TV program i religiously follow. After the program, Janine  thought of watching DVD.

Before we start the movie, we prepared cups of coffee. I offered them my Eng Bee Tin hopia and some chips fresh from my grocery bag.

We all agreed to watch a horror movie, starring Mario Maurer (i forgot the title, but its like pee nak and my ghost wife). It ended as horror-comedy movie. Nice to end today with a good laugh even i started it late!



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