When Beliefs Turns to Reality

August 12, 2013

Accident Prone Person. Yes, that is me!

Today is my birthday and today, I injured myself. As the saying goes, you’re close to accidents as you near your birthday.

I start my day around 10am. Had my breakfast alone, since everyone is done with it. Just like having a normal day, food on the plate with coffee on the side, remote on my left hand and cellphone on my right.

Ive been planning this for a week. I want to rest on my birthday, doing nothing. Feeling life, a normal day without any stress from work. A day without dealing with negative thoughts.

After having my breakfast,i fixed myself,changed my clothes to biking gear and went down to get my bike.

Before leaving the house, papa saw me so i said immediately, ‘i’ll take some stroll with my bike’ and he just said ‘ingat’.


Biking slow on a Monday morning,around 11am. I passed by J.E Camp and was planning to get some pictures with it but decided to have it on my way back. So i drive further until i reached the Regina signage. I turn right thinking to myself i should pay a visit. The way to Regina is downhill so you need not to pedal and just focus on the brake.
A few meters away from the gate of the church, there were three dogs covering the two lanes. I chose the left lane since they are most likely on the right side. I called their attention by whistling. All of them look my way, the two dogs immediately run to the corner to give me way but the other dog just stand up and walk directly to where i am heading. I gave it a soft break thinking he’ll just cross and continue walking but it didnt happend. What shocked me is he gaze and stop right in front of me and thats when i hit the break hard. I felt the rear part of my bike went up. And thats all i can remember.

I woke up inside a house, lying on a bed with a boy sitted beside me. I stand up and immediately look for my phone. I smiled to the kid and gave him a wave then i saw his father sitting at the door. I ask where am I. He said something i cant remember. Browsing my phone, its all birthday greetings. I focus on my goal and that is to call my father. He answered, hand my phone over the guy who helped me. I heard my father outside calling me then i went out and jump to the car.

As i recall what happened to me, its like it all happened in a snap, no in betweens. Like i passed out, i woke up, called my dad, and there he is outside the door,then we went straight to the hospital.

My father kept talking to me inside the car but i am not hearing any of his words. Then i suddenly blurted out, ‘yung aso! masasagasaan ko yung aso!’. Then ‘birthday ko pala’, as i remember the messages i saw in my phone. My father said ‘ala nagka amnesia na’.

Then he told me lil by lil what i did. Like i texted him first before calling him, and that one too i can’t remember. I even check my phone to check if i really did text him. And yes, i did messaged him with words full of typo error.

We went directly to the hospital. But before we reach the hospital, i asked papa to pull over the car. My stomach is reacting and i wanna throw up. I vomit twice and my head hurts.

They xrayed my head and found no fracture. The doctor gave me some pain reliever and we went home.




So, here I am, suffering and a prisoner of my own clumsiness.



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