August 16, 2013

Today, i am scheduled for a check up at Manila East Medical Center. I was advised for a CTScan.

They have to check, i guess my brain or my head, i dont know. If there is any blood clot or blockage. Ive been suffering from terrible headache and dizziness since the accident. It’s scaring my sister. Yes, her, and not me.

My name was called at the CT Scan room. I was asked to lie down on a tube like aparatus and was ordered not to move while im inside. So i was acting like uhmmmmm, dead for 5 minutes.



The result will be available after 24 hours. Fortunately, there is an available neurologist on that afternoon so they let us borrow the plate for reading.

Looking at the plate, the doctor said its all normal. That i am just suffering from head trauma. My accident triggers the migraine and will most likely be part of my life now, just like an allergy. He said migraine can be heriditary (what a revelation) and my accident activated it. He also said that the stiff neck i am feeling is also normal. Our neck automatically stiffen when we hit our head hard.

My sister asked “wala naman pong bawal sa kanya, like activities, kasi po ma-activity po yan eh, mountaineer tas tumatakbo din po.” I smiled hearing it and i grinned with the doctor’s reply. “She can, wala namang bawal pero she have to examine her body, kung ano yung magtritriger ng migraine nya, then yung ang iiwasan nya, ngayon kesa we cant tell ano ipagbabawal natwn sa kanya.”

He prescribed me some medicines which i will take for a month.

Still, life favors me! God is good!

And i just bought myself a new cellphone.



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