Meliorism 3 – Grace to be Born

My third outreach. Conducted last June 15 at Grace to be Born in Pasig City.    


Its a home for abondoned babies and underage pregnant women.

We first visited the nursery room. The babies are all so cute plus, they are all newly bath. I guess we have stayed their for an hour cuddling, kissing and hugging them. I gave myself a high five for making one of the babies fall into sleep. Around 10am we left the room because the babies need to sleep, again.

Babies can be photographed but the mothers are not.


Its time ti meet the preggies. We had a short chit chat with the moms but we were told that we are not allowed to ask them about their cases. What we did is just offered them food and small sing and dance program.

It’s nice to have things in your life that would make you thankful, things that would feed your heart and make it full and healthy. Something that would open your mind when you feel unlucky in life. It’s not that I use other people’s trouble for my own benefit. It’s a no but somehow yes. You see yourself to them and you suddenly feel okay. I have a lot of things to be grateful for. I have no reason to complain.  

I get in touch with my life, with my heart through this oath, through them. I get to share what I have, may it be financial, love, time and smile. I feel more accomplished doing charity than working for a private company. I even question my degree why I didn’t take social studies. Then I thought, I could do it without studying the field I guess. As long as you have a heart to love, you’re ready to go.  

Now wait for my biggest outreach on August.



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