Meliorism 4 – Cottolengo Filipino

August 10, 2013

The most awaited day of FAB. Our first outreach at Cottolengo Filipino in Montalban Rizal. We’ve been preparing for this since July. And the day has finally come.

After getting our schedule at Cottolengo, Ive done some research. What about the institution, the cases, and anything i could learn about it. I prepared for a simple powerpoint presentation for our preoutreach meeting. Disclosing informations to the attendees. Brainstorming of plans and how we will execute it.

Nearing the day of our outreach, more sponsorships came and solicitations poured out. My excitement accelerated.

We have a big number of participants and will be coming from different places so we decided for a carpool. I go with Gemma’s car. We’re with May and Mike. We met my sister in Marikina and from there, we convoy. We arrived a lil late from our expected time of arrival since we got lost near the area.

Nonetheless, we have prepared everything and exactly 9am, we start the program.

I didnt get much pictures because my phone and me was in charged of the program music.

Like any other program or whatever it is that we need to do, it should start with a prayer.

This is led by Wendy then the program proper started.

I assigned Kate to be our host, one the most spontaneous host in FAB. Before she start the program, she introduced the group and the members as well.

We fed the boys.

Followed by different games and numbers. Sharing with you some of the pictures taken by the members.

As planned, FAB will be performing Jesus is Beautiful. This song is about the beauty of every creation. To see every creatures as image of God.

They also have a mini surprise for the August birthday celebrants. Mike, Myurks, Me of FAB and Jo and Lesh of Ambassadors.

After the program, we gave father the chance to for a message and to our surpriae, its fathers birthmonth too!

Group picture taking follows.

Then we had a tour to the rooms of these kids.

Outside pictures:


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