A Letter of Gratitude

Today, March 26 2013, Holy Tuesday, is the first day I thought of writing note/s dedicated to you. A note of thanksgiving. I don’t plan to write (I mean type) every day, and address it to a certain PERSON, but I assure you, whenever I open this draft and start typing, I meant every letter and it’s all about YOU.
I made to believe, that everything and everyone around us, living and non-living things, with direct and even no direct contact with us, you, this keyboard, the coffee I’m drinking, that guy who just gave me a smile, and the whole universe conspire with us. They help us to be where we should be. Help us fulfill our plans.
From the moment I took this belief in my life, I promised myself to be at peace with everyone I meet and be thankful to the simplest thing I might and may not even receive. So whether you’re an acquaintance, a close friend, common friend, a friend of a friend, best friend, colleague, close friend, passersby, people at public transportation, please accept my thank you.
To those people who are close to my heart, no words can suit to express how grateful I am for knowing you. You have taught and given me a lot of things. Things that are now part of me. Things I will carry for the rest of my life. And that made me who I am now.
My  deepest thank you, that you have touched my life. If this is the last time I’ll see and talk to you, so be it. But I won’t let this day pass without giving you my appreciation of your contribution in my life. You have a piece in me. Thank you.


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