Friendly Diet

Too much of everything is harmful, that I seriously accept as true. Thus, we need a diet.
What does it mean? For me, it’s a way of refraining from doing something we do regularly. Fasting. A break from a routine, a rest from it.
This not only applies to cutting down food consumption as its commonly use. This can be a break from anything or anyone. From smoking, from alcohol, from spending or saving too much, a break from work, from stress, from being too serious all the time, from a relationship, from being too kind, or just merely a break from your own…usual world.
I said this, on a somewhat serious note because I am currently having a diet. Yes, a diet from a relationship, from a friend and from always looking and doing what I think is good.

Disclaimer:  I will use ‘URGH’, as a reference to a person to protect the identity of the involved individualJ. URGH is not a bad person, this is all ME talking and sharing my difficulty.

From a relationship. Who says I don’t have relationships? In fact, I have a lot and I have to withdraw some J.  It’s this; I am getting use of URGH being in my circle so I need to disperse URGH before I get accustomed to it. I don’t want getting too attached to some (selective) people, and that include URGH. You know, sometimes, you just get tired being with that person and you need a reason to miss URGH. And URGH is pissing me off now. What seems to be so cute before is becoming annoying and I do not like it anymore. I have not only to be honest with myself, URGH need it as well. URGH need to understand. Right now as I’m having my diet, I’m thinking of how I could mitigate this cruel truth with URGH.

From a friend. I’ve been practicing absorbing good vibes these past few months and URGH’s, let just say, is not a bearer of a helpful atmosphere most of the time. URGH steals my positivity. Whenever I get excited of something, URGH is like an antagonist who jumps in to the scene and makes fun bursting my bubbles. It’s fun when you’re a kid, like literally popping a bubble, but not anymore. Grownups need encouragement and I don’t get it from URGH easily and I hate it! Like what they say, remove what destroy your happiness and I’d like to get rid of that negativity right at this moment of my life where I’m having the best of the world. I just thought a slice than a mouthful of URGH feels vigorous and better.

From always doing what I think is good. This make me feel guilty and happy all at the same time. Trying to dip myself in a fire wondering if I’ll get burn or not. I just wanna be random. Doing things without thinking too much. Do this, do that, who cares?! It’s awesome to break rules, I feel courageous!

So there, I am just having a friendly diet, not totally getting rid of these things/people. Cutting something/someone out of my life does not mean I hate it/them, it simply means I care for myself; I need to take a break. Die-ting don’t let something just die in your life; it will keep something from continuously working in your life, properly. It keeps the fire burning. I think we all need to abstain from something and it’s healthy to take it once in a while.

Sudden thought: I think I just narrated the history of the word break-up. Well, dieting is better than breaking-up right? I’m picking the healthy choice.



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