Fatal Judgement

Despabiladeras, Annilyn
Wednesday, May 07, 2014 3:22 PM

It’s during our lunch break that we have decided to take a breather at tarajingpotpot.

On our way back to the office, we saw a friend with his teammates coming our way.

Mike: “Naawa na ko sa kanya, kung sinu sino na lang kasama nya.”
Annie: “That’s the result of our actions and sometimes we just have to embrace it.”
Just to add up to what I have said earlier about Mike having pity on our friend for his social homelessness situation right now.

Life likes to do that sometimes. Mess with our plans, mess with what we want, mess with our social life and our friends, but it always brings us somewhere. It teaches us what we need to learn. Our friend needs to get that. I’m thinking he needs to learn something from this. He either realizes that it is not really US the right friend for him or we are the best of friends he’ll ever have. And we don’t know that. Only him can have the answer. I am just praying he’ll realize it soon and that he will let us know.
We are responsible to every decision we make in life. Recklessness, innocence, residual pain, pride, selfishness, these are just some of the matters that block us from making intelligent decisions. Your current difficult situation may affect  your logical thinking, people around you may have influenced your decisions and whatever the results may be, in the end, everything is on you!
That’s the adventure of life, the risk of life, not knowing what lies ahead. Not knowing what would be the outcome of whatever it is that we have decided to do. We may assume the outcome but it may or may not be the one we have in mind.

But you know what’s good in life, we may not be able to undo our actions (unlikely not), but we have the chance to correct them, if not, start anew. You have the ability to pull yourself out of that situation. And all that, still rest to your decision.
Everything is the product of our choices. What we need to learn is the ability to accompany our decisions with responsibility and bravery.
And what’s scary is that, and this is the thing that scares me too, that no matter how logical your decision is, it’s hard to determine if we’re on the right track. If we’re making the right thing. That’s why it’s good to establish principles. That will be your ground, your basis. If you don’t have that, everything will be a mess, scattered. And that’s the problem I see in some people, I saw in him, and with some of you. You might say I complicate things, I think deep, but that is because I have sets of beliefs. I believe in some things. I might argue with some of you most of the time but I believe it’s a good thing because I know I stand for something. Though I understand him. His principles may be different from mine but what i can’t understand is to make something complicated out of it. He’s competing badly.
This is the one thing I wanna say to our friend right now. “You’re letting go of an important people.” Not that he chose the wrong one, but with that pride he’s trying to dispatch a group of nice people.




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